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Puns in Business

You say a pun (intended or not) and people sarcastically say, "ha, ha, ha". However puns are everywhere. I dare you to go a day without coming across a pun. They are everywhere and businesses and advertisers are no exception.

Babe RoofI open up the circular this morning (haha, I so could have just made that into a pun, imagine a circular that is in the shape of a circle). I digress. So upon reading the circular, I came across multiple puns in the ads. The first one I saw was a roofing company called, "Babe Roof". But it didn't stop there. Their tag-line was, "Another Home-dun by Babe Roof".

Paddy O DeckJust opposite that page was a deck company called, "Paddy-O-Deck", obviously a play off of "patio deck". However their pun stopped there, no tagline pun like, "all decked out" or some other Irish pun like, "O'really".

But just a flip of the page and there's another pun in advertising. This one a dual company, "Groutastic" and "Pavertastic".

Now super heros and puns in business are no strangers. Still reading the same circular (has anyone decided that they are going to make a circular into a circle yet?), now still reading the same circular, I came across several super hero business names: Mr Powerwash, Paintman, Mr. Handyman, Super Wall.

Now how many companies use a "good" word as a pun into their names like, "Dun-rite" or "Pool-fection".

Do these companies think that using puns in their names and/or taglines will get them more business? Maybe, maybe not. However by using a pun in their names and taglines will help people remember their names.

So that left me with the idea of an internet search to find some of the best and worst pun names/taglines in a business. There were some great ones out there and as for worst pun names? You aren't going to find any here since IMHO, there's no such thing as a bad pun.

Great tagline for a Fish Store: "Church of Cod"
Church of Cod

If I had to guess, I don't think they intended the business name to be a pun.


Probably one of the best tagline puns out there:
Picture Store
Reminds me of when I was in the Navy. I was overseas, on a bus, heading to a town to do some sightseeing. I accidentally overhead a couple of shipmates chatting about Navy-life, home, etc. One of them mentioned that he tells people that he shoots people in the Navy. The fellow shipmate, with a disturbed look on his face says, "oh yeah?!?!". The first shipmate states, "yes, I'm a photographer".

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Puns In Business


Some Great Business Puns

During an earthquake in California, a bank went into default.

Two banks with different rates have a conflict in interest.

The barber opened up a shaving account.

Some bankers' problems are that they are too generous to a vault.

A shaddy accountant purposely dropped his brownie on the books, he was trying to fudge the numbers.

The IRS sent a note to my cell phone stating that I owed them more money, it was a taxed message.

The sum total of our national debt is SOME total.

In business it's good to reach high, unless you are a bank teller during a stick up.

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