Seven Days without a Pun Makes One Weak
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food / POSTED: 5/31/13

Animal Pun Pics
I Need To See A Dentist, One Of My Canines Is Getting Loose
Need to see a dentist
Melon Collie?
Pun of a collie
Don't Listen To Him, He's Lion
Pun of a lion
Just Waiting For The Bus, 'Cause My Car Got Toad
Pun of a toad


Penglose and Penguin

animals | penguin

I suspect fowl play
I suspect Fowl Play

Image Credits: here
animals | chicken

Lavatory Retreiver
Rescue Animal: The lavatory retriever

animals | dog

Oh the Hue-Manatee
Oh The Hue-Manatee

animals | manatee

Whale, Whale, Whale, what do we have here?
Whale Pun

humpback of Notre Dame pun cartoon
Image Source Here


Animal Puns
A dog gave birth to puppies on the side of the road, dog was ticketed for littering
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